Will the smoke odor go away?
It is crucial that during the fire restoration process, that any areas affected by smoke are thoroughly cleaned and where necessary, are encapsulated such that they will no longer pose an odor problem.  Our experienced restoration technicians understand construction methods and techniques in order to properly resolve any potential odor issues.

During the reconstruction process, is it safe to remain in the home?
If you have experienced fire and smoke damage, it is not advisable to remain in the home until the initial mitigation process has been completed.  Assuming there is no safety threat from structural damage, it would be safe to remain in the home while repairs and restoration continue. However, consideration must be given to status of electrical and plumbing restoration and any appliances that may have been affected.

What are the long-term structural effects from an explosion near my home?
As disaster recovery contractors, we are accustomed to the challenges posed by a compromise of structural integrity.  Typically, an engineer would provide a damage report, which would serve as protocol for any building safety matters.

Do I need several estimates for my insurance company prior to beginning repair work?
Any initial work that is necessary to mitigate damage does not require an estimate. Insurance companies recognize this and will cover the initial mitigation costs according to the provisions of your policy. It is paramount to secure your structure and prevent any further damage from occurring. Subsequent reconstruction requires that an estimate be submitted to your insurance company for approval prior to repair work beginning. However, it is not necessary to obtain several estimates. Ultimately you are able to choose your contractor and are not required to seek estimates from companies with which you do not feel comfortable. We utilize estimating software (Xactimate) that is recognized by the insurance industry and is designed to keep costs uniform. Cost is calculated by the software based on the items identified in the job scope. Adjusters will approve the project based on scope agreement.

Will my insurance carrier cover everything?
We are accustomed to working with your insurance adjuster to ensure your home or business will be restored to its original condition. However, insurance carriers have different types and amounts of coverage. It is the adjuster’s responsibility to determine the amount of coverage based on the type of policy you have purchased and the associated damage that has occurred. Prior to beginning any repairs, we will develop a complete scope of work and reach agreement with all parties involved.

Why do I need to be concerned about lead safety?
Lead dust has been proven to be harmful, particularly in young children. Recently, the EPA mandated that structures built prior to 1978 be tested for lead prior to any remodeling or repair work being done that might disturb paint such as sanding, cutting, demolition, etc. Contractors that perform this work must be certified by the EPA and follow protocol established to minimize the effect of lead dust.

How do I know if a contractor is certified for lead-safe practices?
The EPA maintains a database on their website (www.epa.gov/lead) listing all the contractors that have been certified in your area. In addition, certified contractors have documentation that must be presented to you prior to repairs being initiated. Dane Contractors is certified and can perform any repair or remodeling needs you may have.